Britains Last Paddle Steamers


This broadcast quality documentary celebrates the 60th Anniversary of the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society in 2019. It recounts how a small group of enthusiasts, inspired by the late Prof. Alan Robinson, has become Britain’s largest heritage steamship group. The story includes original interviews with people who helped shape PSPS, archive footage and features Waverley, Maid of the Loch, Kingswear Castle and Medway Queen, recorded for the programme in 2019. Written and narrated by David Ellery. Produced by Viewpoint Productions. This documentary film is a must for all steamer enthusiasts!



When Prof. Alan Robinson initiated the Paddle Steamer Preservation Society in 1959, few could have imagined it would become the largest steamship preservation group in the UK.

The PSPS went on to save Britain’s last surviving paddle steamers and against the odds, a little of our past has been preserved for generations to come.

This broadcast quality film looks at the huge achievements of the PSPS over the decades and the challenges faced along the way. It features original interviews with people who helped shap the Society’s history and, indeed, Britain’s maritime history, along with contemporary footage of Britain’s key surviving paddle steamers: Waverley, Kingswear Castle, Medway Queen and Maid of the Loch.

Now, with the help of the PSPS’s own extensive archive, we can tell the story of Britain’s last paddle steamers and the people who saved them.

Narrated, written & produced by award-winning documentary film maker David Ellery