Steaming Round Wight


Waverley the world’s last sea going paddle steamer is filmed sailing from Portsmouth and Yarmouth around the Isle of Wight. Commentary about the ship and the Isle of Wight coastline by Isle of Wight resident and steamer enthusiast Chris Phillips. Filmed by David Ellery, Viewpoint Productions, still photographs by Richard de Jong, music by Jonathan Cohen.

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A stunning new broadcast quality documentary…

Waverley is unique . . . she is the last sea-going paddle steamer anywhere in the world. This new documentary, released on 21st July 2008, is an informative guided tour of the Isle of Wight’s coastline aboard the paddler.

The spectacular Needles and its lighthouse, the towering cliffs of Tennyson Down and St Catherine’s point; Waverley steams on past Ventnor, Bonchurch, Shanklin and Sandown en route for Yarmouth, past Osborne House and the world famous waterfront of Cowes. With very few round island voyages now taking place, this is a rare recording of a unique event aboard a unique ship. The DVD Includes archive footage of Kingswear Castle, Embassy & Balmoral.

Written and presented by Chris Phillips, filmed & edited by award winning director David Ellery, with original music by Jonathan Cohen.


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