Voyage of the Maid


And, never forgetting Maid of the Loch, the DVD produced for Loch Lomond Steamship Co. in 2013 to celebrate the ship’s Diamond Jubliee…… Voyage of the Maid This DVD tells the story of PS Maid of the Loch, the last paddle steamer to sail the waters of Loch Lomond. Now undergoing a full restoration at Balloch, where the steamer is open to visitors during the summer season, the Maid’s engines were able to turn again in 2019 – with steam supplied from ashore. Restoration work continues, with the ultimate aim of the ship sailing again on ‘her’ loch. Presented by John Beveridge, Loch Lomond Steamship Company. Written, narrated and produced by Paul Saunders Media.



The Story of the Maid of the Loch, Loch Lomond’s last paddle steamer

The Voyage of the Maid tells the story of The Maid of the Loch, the last paddle steamer to sail on Loch Lomond. Having recently celebrated her 60th birthday the Maid can look back on an eventful life, from royal visits and high popularity, to a period of decline, uncertainty and neglect which nearly finished her off. Rescued by the Loch Lomond Steamship Company and set-up as a charity, a team of volunteers has painstakingly rescued and then restored the much-loved ship with the aim of once again getting her sailing on Loch Lomond.

John Beveridge is one of those volunteers and has been at the heart of the action over the last few decades, he tells the story of the Maid through eye witness accounts, memorabilia and brand new archive footage that has been digitized specially for this film..


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